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This site is intended for VIU students and alumni. So, with that in mind, here is a bit about me that you may find relevant or interesting – keep the snoring to a minimum, you’ll wake the web-gnomes.

Teaching subjects: Currently, I teach Commercial Law (LAWW 326), Negotiations (MGMT 392), and Business-Government Relations (MGMT 460). I like to say that I get to teach the most interesting subjects offered at our business school – but, that’s just my opinion. For the first few years at VIU (then Malaspina University-College) I taught Computer Law (CSCI 300), Technology and Society (CSCI 400), and Introduction to Computing (CSCI 110). They were all fun courses – but I sure couldn’t teach Intro Computing now! I’m struggling just to figure out how to set up this blog site.

Passions in work: I love teaching! I’m fortunate to be doing what I always wanted to do. Get ready for the cliche… I love being a part of the success of students (I know, a groaner, but true). My early career was in business, mostly advertising/marketing – great fun! Those concepts leak into a lot of what I do. My undergraduate studies focused on psychology and sociology, which combine well with business and law as well. My biggest kick: Those ‘aha!’ moments when students make connections between what they’re learning and their ‘real’ world.

Passions in the rest of life: My family, which includes my husband, grown children, our grandbaby, and our beautiful puppy; awesome friends; the amazing Canadian West Coast; 4-ish seasons; design & visual beauty of all kinds; hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, and just about anything outdoors that doesn’t involve man-made noises.

Legal Advice Resources

Do you need legal advice, but are concerned you cannot afford it? The following is intended to help VIU students find information and resources available that may be able to help, including free and low-cost legal advice.

NOTE: This information is provided to help VIU students find legal services and information. The information on this page is not legal advice and should not be relied upon. I will update it from time to time, but if you discover an incorrect link or information that is out of date, please let me know via the Contact page.

Here are some resources that may be helpful:

In The News

Dana Collette, Others Weigh In On Canadian Privacy Laws

The rise and advancement of digital technology and intellectual property has also inspired the rapid evolution of privacy law. The interconnectedness brought on by the internet and globalization efforts have made privacy law issues a common concern for individual citizens

VIU Related

Dana Collette and David Livingstone work to introduce Legal Studies Certificate program

Living in today’s global community requires knowledge of legal issues at home and abroad, as well as an understanding of one’s legal rights and responsibilities. Workplaces are increasingly regulated environments with law applicable to nearly every occupation.

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Dana Collette, VIU professor, speaks about work in creating the VIU Law Network

It’s a well-known fact that before Facebook became the social media powerhouse it is now, it was an internal network for Harvard and Ivy League college students to interact. Today, it is the largest digital social network on Earth, boasting more than 1.65 million global users.

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Just For Fun

Dana Collette, What happens when you steal a bit of time?

What are women always being accused of not doing? No, not that. Not taking care of ourselves! We’re notorious for taking care of everyone and everyone’s business, and leaving the dregs for yours truly. Well, don’t get mad and think me a traitor, but I splurged on a 2-day retreat, solo. What extravagance. How selfish.

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Dana Collette: Hiking in and around Parksville, British Columbia

Parksville, British Columbia, offers a variety of opportunities for hikers, from an easy stroll along a beachside boardwalk in the heart of the city to a rustic hike through a dense forest along a pristine river. Parksville is a small city on the east coast of Vancouver Island, 37 km north of the larger

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